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    This site supports homesteads, both city and country ones.  For that reason, if you have a homestead site, your listing is free, even if you operate as a business.  It is our desire to see homesteaders be successful and we hope you will find value in having your homestead listed here, even though we are just getting started with the site!  We launched on October 15, 2017, and it will take time to build this site.


    We have a suggested flat rate of $5 per month to advertise on City Homestead.  Your listing will appear in the directory site (the section you are viewing now) as well as throughout the blog network.  (The home section, our project section and other sections.)

    To get started, please click on our LISTING FORM.  If you don’t see a category that suits your ad, feel free to contact us to request additional categories.


    In order to qualify for a listing in City Homestead, you must meet the following:

    • Public Web site in existence for at least 6 months.  We will be adding a new category for start up sites in the future.  Web site can be your domain, a YouTube channel, a Facebook page or some other form of public access.  If you only have a premium site, that does not qualify for a free listing.
    • The majority of your posts / topics must be about homesteading.  If you have a gardening site then we may add a future directory listing for that, but we are currently supporting homesteads.


    Please note that City Homestead is a privately owned site and we reserve the right to reject any ads we deem are not suitable for our vision for this site.


    Even if you don’t have the need for a business ad, you can still support the homestead community by adding a listing with your name, or even if you want an anonymous listing, that’s okay too.  You can set your own amount for the listing, but because of merchant fees, we would like to suggest a minimum of $1.